Fall In Love With Salads - Ebook

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30 Vegetarian/Vegan Salads - One For Each Day

Variety. Convenience. Health. 

If you 

  1. Hate salads because they are too boring…
  2. Enjoy eating salads and looking for some new and exciting varieties…
  3. Think of salads as simply eating greens…
  4. Eat salads but forcefully because they are just too bland for your taste…
  5. Can count the number of veggies you eat regularly…
  6. Need some quick, easy, filling, and fulfilling meals for regular cooking…

this book is for you!

Here’s what you will get in Fall In Love With Salads:

  1. 30 Vegetarian/Vegan salads with each to follow instructions and easy swaps.
  2. A Salad Guide that will help you create 100s of new salad recipes.
  3. Delicious Salads for Meals that won’t take forever to make. (Includes warm salads too.)
  4. 30 Dressing Recipes - all made with natural ingredients. No Chemicals!

With these recipes, you can:

  1. Include more vegetables, fruits, whole, and natural foods in your regular diet.
  2. Access to nutrient-dense meals that don’t require fancy equipment and a big kitchen.
  3. Say Goodbye to Boring Salads. 

BONUS - A perfect health report. :)

Sneak Peek of the varieties of salads this book offers:

Don’t wait. Start your 30-day Salad Challenge today and "Fall In Love With Salads".

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Note: The book is solely for informational purposes and does not constitute health or nutrition advice.

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30 Vegetarian/Vegan salads // A Salad Guide // Delicious Salads for Meals (Includes warm salads too) // 30 Dressing Recipes - Natural ingredients. No Chemicals!

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Fall In Love With Salads - Ebook

28 ratings
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